Expected DA from July 2011 – 7 % ?

Finally, we have got six month AICPIN value to calculate Dearness allowance for July 2011. Based on the calculation,  all central government employees going to get 7% increase in Dearness allowance from July 2011 onwards. Already we are in 51 % and now we are going to get seven percentage so totally 58 percentage dearness allowance from July 2011 onwards, however government needs to release the government order and confirm the exact value of increase, until then we have to wait for the confirmation.

How to calculate Dearness Allowance Percentage ?

Here is the simple formula to calculate Dearness Allowance Percentage

Dearness Allowance = (Average of AICPIN for the past 12 months – 115.76)*100/115.76


Click here to get Automatic Update DA Calculation Sheet



  2. I agree with the comment of Shreeram chandra’s that govt. is not honest with employees. They do not want to give the rights of employees which they were deserve. They only think how salary & other perspective hike the MPs & MLAs. The prices of Petrol,milk, other commodities are hike speedly. So DA must be hike minimum around 10%

  3. I agree with Shreeramachandran’s and V.Loganathan’s comments in connection with

    justifications about the increase of D.A. w.e.f.July,2011. Government should consider the genuine demand of C.G.employees/pensioners and more than 10% D.A. may be enhanced w.e.f.July,2011.

  4. I agree with Shreeramachandran’s commment on credible data furnished by concerned Ministry / Ministries. An independant authority with participation of working class/general public must monitor this. Also execution of various schemes must be implemened within the stipulated time in a transparent manner with effective monitoing. Scams and frauds at the instance of politicians/top level administrators/corporates responsible for this poor state of affairs. Because of this mismanagement Rich become Richer and Poor and Middle Class are suffering for their very livelihood. The Govt. must come forward to rescue the Poor & Middle class by proper data without cooking figures or supply essential commodities through proper Public Distribution System

  5. Sir,

    Kindly read the statement of Governor, RBI recently, He said that the finance ministry should send credible data which means it is cooking up the figures which does not lend to proper fiscal policy by RBI> That is one sample how the figures are flexed cooked up to deny the real DA eligible. A couple of days ago, the price of milk in ND was increased by Rs.2/ per litre. Petrol prices was revised four or five times in the past six months. Do you make fun that this 7% increase is to meet all these inflations?

  6. MINIMUM 10% HIKE ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVE THE PRESENT SITUATION, we all know there had a huge in the salary scale of  MPs without any word to public, now those Devils are going to hike only 7% DA….shame shame puppy shame……

  7. yes of course the global commodity prices is most hike. so it should definately DA increased around 10% to satisfied all central state govt. employees. Govt. should realised the problem of employees.

    Ghanshyam Das

  8. Food inflation again surges to 9.90% now. The Govt. both State & Cenre must act fast to control the situation and save poor Indians by effective monitoring.

  9. Food inflation inched up again to 8.04% from a 20 month low of 7.33%. According to economic analysts, much of the inflationary pressure is owing to high global commodity prices coupled with a domestic demand-supply mismatch, further it is the uncertainty over monsoon rainfall that may fuel the price rise further in the days to come. Let God save our country!

  10. only 7% increase in da has a mistake in calculation we know the increase in price in may and june month and calculation gives only 2% increase in da in may and june I am not satisfied from this calculation system…………….

  11. The AICPIN value not reflecting the realistic increase in spiralling prices of essential commodities. Anyway we have to abide by Govt. Orders. Let us wait for announcement from Govt. !


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