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Exclusive – Question & Answer website for Central Government Employees

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Exclusive – Question & Answer website for Central Government Employees

We are happy to introduce question and answer website for Central & State Government Employees.

We understand there are many open questions, doubts, clarification and much more from the Government Employees, keep that in mind we have created new exclusive website for Government Employees to get the answers for the questions. So ask all your subject related questions in the forum.

Also we request Subject Matter Experts to provide valuable suggestions / answers / clarifications for the respective questions in the forum. We help each other and make this forum most usable for all the government employees.

Feedback’s are welcome

Questions & Answers Forum

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  1. I was given pay grade 10 in NFSG, as on macp i was on level 9, and 10 got in 2020 after NFSG. but our office refuse to give benefit like LRA on NFSG. please guide

  2. whether Rs. 50,000/- deduction is available under income tax section 80CCD(1B) for central government employees (Old pension scheme). Kindly clarify.

  3. Sir, My pay fixation after grant of MACP2 @GP 4800.00 fixed as under ;- MACP 2nd granted by Gref records Pune wef 28 Jan 2018. I exercised the option and accordingly after taking AI on 1st July fixation will be done after one increment of MACP with next DNI July 2019. However 3 months ago , I opt AI on Jan every year as per govt letter. But this month’s huge deduction made by PAO. Request advice as per rule on the subject pl

  4. 10 persons were sent for training and the institute were provided lodging and boarding with minimum rates. Apart form that they spend money on their eatables during the period. The officers claimed DA as per their entitlement. In this case whether we should consider his/her claim for reimbursement of DA @ Rs.900/- or not.

  5. Sir,

    I am a central government employee and my husband is working in Indian Railways ( Locopilot). Can I/We avail LTC?

    Please reply…

  6. Sir I want to ask if a central govt employee who gets schizophrenia after 5 years of service.Will he be invalidated and dispensed off services.Or as I have read he will be kept in job till his supperanuation as per rule 20 of rpwd 16 .

  7. A driver drives the office car (for around 4 hours to and fro) as his official duty to nearby airport, apx 100Kms, to pickup/drop the officer. Is he entitled for DA?

  8. Sir, I am a central government employee would like to know whether I am eligible for getting reimbursement of my medical expenses incurred as out patient. My employer is not passing my bill, as the treatment should have been taken as in patient.


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