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Estates Order 2014 – Opening of holiday home at Tirupati

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No. D-11016/3/2009-Regions
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated 01-07-2014

Office Memorandum

Subject: Opening of holiday home at Tirupati.

Construction of holiday home at Tirupati has been completed and it has been decided to commence the booking of holiday home at Tirupati with immediate effect. Address of holiday home is D. No. 4-7-29/2, TUDA Apartments Complex, Near I.S. Mahal Threater, Nrisimha Teertham Road, Tirupati-517507. Tele/Telefax No. is 0877 2262211. Further, as per existing categories, holiday home at Tirupati comes under Category ā€˜Cā€™ and accordingly, rates of booking will be charged.

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2. NIC is requested to upload this office memorandum on the website of holiday homes i.e. www.holidayhomes.nic.in.

(NS. Chauhan)
Assistant Director of Estates (Regions)

Original Order :

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