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Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT) Scheme

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Q.1 What is the DFFT Scheme?

Ans. Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT) Scheme is a scheme introduced by the Government of India in 2001 with an objective to upgrade the knowledge & skills of the Government officers as well as to provide exposure to international best practices by deputing them to different long/short?term training programmes

Q.2 Who is eligible for training under the DFFT scheme?

Ans. The officers belonging to IAS, CSS and SCS are eligible to undergo foreign training under the Scheme.  Officers of the other two All India Services, viz., IPS and IFoS and those of other organized Group `A’ Central Civil Services are eligible under the Scheme only when they are holding posts on deputation under the Central Staffing Scheme.

Q.3 Where can I find the Circular giving the terms and conditions along with the eligibility criteria for applying under the Scheme?

Ans. The circular is issued every year and hosted on the website of this Ministry (www.persmin.nic.in)

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Q.4 How and when can I apply under the Scheme?

Ans. The circular for training programmes to be conducted in a financial year (April to March) is generally issued in the month of October of the preceding year, e.g., for training programmes to be offered in FY 2011?12, the circular was issued in October, 2010.    The circular also contains an application form for filling up by interested officers.

Q.5 Is there a common Circular for the Long term as well as the Short term Programmes?

Ans. Yes

Q.6 Which are the areas for Long term and short term programmes sponsored under the DFFT Scheme?

Ans. The long?term programmes are mainly in the fields of public policy, public management, public administration, etc. while the themes for the short?term programmes are leadership, executive development, fiscal decentralization, tax analysis & revenue forecasting, project management, corruption & anti?corruption, health sector reforms, public administration, public finance management, infrastructure and PPP, training of trainers, advance competencies for trainers, environmental policy issues etc. The specific programmes both Long Term and short term are included in the Circular issued each year.

Q.7 How are the selections made?

Ans. It is mandatory to apply `online’ for the training programmes under the DFFT scheme. A software?based eligibility list is generated, followed by a merit list.  Based on date available through these lists, a duly constituted Committee recommends officers for long?term and short?term training programmes taking into account the relevance and suitability factors and takes approval of the competent authority.

Q.8 Who bears the cost of the programme and what are the entitlements for living/daily allowances and accommodation allowance?

Ans. The entire cost on participation of officers in training programmes under the DFFT scheme is met by the Training Division, except certain pre?departure expenses.A detailed circular dated 19th January 2011 indicating various entitlements is available in the Ministry’s website (www.persmin.nic.in).

Q.9 Is the air travel also arranged by the DOPT? If so,how do we get the air tickets ?

Ans. Yes, the travel in the entitled class (on excursion fare basis) is arranged through Air India by the DOPT. For this purpose, vouchers are issued to the Air India office at Safdarjung Airport. The name and contact details of the concerned officers in Air India are intimated to the nominated officers who then get in touch with them and reserve tickets to their respective destinations.

Q.10 Does nomination by DoPT guarantee admission to the programmes?

Ans. Not necessarily. The concerned institutes also have their own selection procedures which may sometimes reject the nominations made by DOPT.

Q.11 How can I avail the Partial Funding under the DFFT Scheme and where do I get the terms and conditions of this component?

Ans. The officers can avail financial assistance under the Partial Funding component for pursuing higher studies in programmes which are relevant to their current and future assignments.  The terms and conditions relating to the Partial Funding are contained in a circular dated 17th March 2008 and the same is available in our website (www.persmin.nic.in) which is likely to be revised soon.

Q.12 When I can apply for the support under the Partial Funding Scheme?

Ans. The applications can be made throughout the year but only after securing admission in the chosen programme/ University. However, the period from April to June is ideal as most of the programmes commence in August/September.

Q.13 If I fulfil all the eligibility criteria as per the Circular can I be sure to get the Partial Funding support from the DoPT?

Ans. DOPT administers the partial funding scheme.   However, the Central Establishment Board is the final authority in the matter which may lay down its own criteria such as public interest, budget, etc. while deciding the cases of partial funding.


Source : http://persmin.gov.in

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  1. Is there any available scheme of foreign training to improve existing knowledge of any category of govt employees below the scientific Officers/Scientific Assistantant who are actually connected with respective work?


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