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Deaths due to COVID-19 : Request for relaxation in compassionate appointment – FNPO

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Federation of National Postal Organisations
T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001


Ref : No.22/FNPO/Covid-19/2020

Dated : 20-04-2020

The Chairman,
Postal Services Board,
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi 110001.


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Sub: Deaths due to COVID-19 : Request for relaxation in compassionate appointment –reg :

My Federation repeatedly requesting the Department to follow Ministry of Health instructions while opening and operating the offices during COVID -19 pandemic. It is the most unfortunate that no circles are following the MOH advisories. This failure to follow advisories resulted in infection of a few Officials of the department. Out of which one is succumbed.

In the instant case one of our officials namely Abdul Haasan had attended duty at Kolkatta Foreign post on 30/3/2020 and 01/04/2020. He was admitted in RG Kar Medical College and Hospital Kolkatta on 14/04/2020 with high fever and breathing problem. In the course of treatment as inpatient, our official Abul Haasan expired on 18/04/2020. According to our information dead body of our staff, was not handed over to the family, it was buried by the State Government authorities. Subsequently, Abul Haasan family members have been sent to quarantine by the state government authorities. This is the most unfortunate, in this connection circle unions both FNPO & NFPE jointly met CPMG and submitted a detailed letter requesting protection to the staff from COVID-19 infection. It is also requested to observe MOH advisory on the subject during the course of employment during the period of this pandemic. The Circle unions have also requested the CPMG to cause compassionate appointments to the family member of the demised official by relaxing the prevailing rules.

Further to submit that the undersigned appraised off the details of the case to Member (P) on 20.04.2020 via whats app and the Member (P) has conveyed the deepest condolences.

This incident of death is in the course of the employment exposing to the deadly Virus. This death is most unfortunate and resulted due to extraordinary conditions. The official is succumbed while rendering the essential service in view of this my federation requests the Chairman Postal Services Board kindly take up the issue with DOP&T to cause relaxation to, in extending the benefit of Compassionate appointments to the deceased family members, wherein the death due to COVID-19. In other words the norms for compassionate appointments may not be observed for the cases of death due to the pandemic.

With high hope, my federation is suggesting this for kind consideration and speedy action.

Yours sincerely,

Source: FNPO

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