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Dearness Relief Order for Himachal Pradesh State Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners-Revised rate effective from 01-01-2010

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No. Fin (Pen) B (10)-6/98-III
Government of Himachal Pradesh
Finance (Pension) Department

Shimla-171002, the 18th August, 2010


Subject: – Grant of Dearness Relief to Himachal Pradesh Government Pensioners/ Family Pensioners-Revised rate effective from 01-01-2010.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this department’s O.M. No. Fin (Pen)B(10)-6/98-III dated 14th October, 2009 sanctioning revised rates of dearness relief installments, effective from 01-01-2006 onwards, and to say that the Governor, Himachal Pradesh is pleased to decide that dearness relief
payable to the Himachal Pradesh Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 27 % to 35 % w.e.f. 01-01-2010.

2. The Dearness Relief may be released after adjusting the extra amount, if any, paid to pensioners in cases where the total unrevised pension exceeded revised pension, if still unadjusted, as brought out in para 8 of the OM of even number dated 14-10-2009.

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3. Payment of Dearness Relief involving a fraction of a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee.

4. Other provisions governing grant of dearness relief to pensioners such as regulation of dearness relief during employment/re-employment, regulation of dearness relief where more than one pension is drawn etc. will remain unchanged.

5. These orders shall apply to all H.P. Government Pensioners/ Family pensioners.

6. As dearness relief will now be at a uniform rate, it has been decided to dispense with the issue of enclosing ready reckoner alongwith the dearness relief orders. It will be the responsibility of the pension disbursing authority, including the Nationalized Banks, etc. to calculate the quantum of
dearness relief payable in each individual case.

7. The Accountant General, Treasury Officers and authorized Public Sector Banks are requested to arrange payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners on the basis of these orders.

8. The Dearness Relief on pension & family pension @ 35 % will be paid with the pension/family pension for the month of August, 2010 payable in September, 2010. The arrears accrued on account of dearness relief w.e.f. 01-01-2010 to 31-07-2010 shall be paid in cash in one instalment in the month of September, 2010.

By order
Principal Secretary (Finance) to the
Government of Himachal Pradesh.

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