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CGA guidelines to PFMS users for Work from Home

No. 3(2)/TA-II/2020/174
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts

Dated: 08.04.2020


Subject: Guidelines regarding role of PFMS users viz. Program Division, DDO and PAO/CDDO and System Security Protocol for Work From Home (WFH) operations-reg.

In continuation of this Office OM of even number 173 dated 8.4.2020 regarding relaxation in Central Government Account (Receipt and Payment) Rules, 1983 for ensuring smooth payments by PAOs/CDDOs and enabling them to Work From Home (WFH), the following guidelines are issued.

2. The guidelines regarding the role of users viz. authorized signatory (Program Division), DDO and PAO/CDDO in this arrangements are given in Annexure I.

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3. The system security protocols for work from home operation of PFMS PAO/CDDO module are given in Annexure II.

4. All Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs(IC) shall advise Ministries/Departments to use NTRP to timely deposit all money due to Government of India.

(A K Singh)
Deputy Controller General of Accounts

Signed Copy

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