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BEFI support BSNL Employees 3 days Strike

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BEFI support BSNL Employees 3 days Strike


Circular No. 06/2019


To All Affiliates/Office Bearers/CC/GC Members

Dear Comrades

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The employees and officers of BSNL have long been demanding allocation of 4G spectrums to BSNL for strengthening its operational capabilities and commercial viability. The Central Government, out and out pro-corporates as it is, has stubbornly been denying this legitimate demands while liberally allowing the private telecom operators the same facility, thereby putting BSNL, a strategic Public Sector Undertaking, in extremely disadvantageous position vis-à-vis its private-sector competitors. Such discriminatory policy of the Central Government towards BSNL is detrimental to national interests. The struggle of the employees and officers of BSNL is thus a struggle to defend the BSNL and the national interests.

The discriminatory and anti-PSU policies of the Central Government, as aforesaid, are a deliberate gambit to systematically weaken the operational efficiency and commercial viability of BSNL; this has pushed the BSNL into severe financial stringency and in a disadvantageous situation. Now, on the plea of losses being incurred by BSNL owing to such discriminatory policy, the Government has been denying wage revision, due since 01st January 2017, to the employees and officers. While the employees and officers of BSNL can in no way be held responsible for the losses incurred by BSNL because of deliberate Government policies, they have restrained themselves from going on strike in view of repeated assurances, from the Government, of positive consideration regarding their demands, both in relation to allocation of 4G spectrum as also to wage revision. But the Government at the centre now, true to its character, has repeatedly neglected and failed to honour its own repeated assurances given to the employees and officers.

The employees and officers of BSNL are, therefore, left with no alternative than going for intensified struggle on their legitimate demands in order to save both the national interests as also their own livelihoods.

In the circumstances, the United Platform of BSNL Employees’ and Officers’ Unions have decided to go in for a Three Days Continuous Strikes on 18th, 19th and 20th February 2019.

While extending our full support and solidarity to the three days strike in BSNL on 18-20 February 2019, we demand of the Central Government to concede the very legitimate and justified demands of the Employees and Officers of BSNL without further delay.

With greetings,

Yours comradely

Debasish Basu Chaudhury
General Secretary

Source : BEFI

Signed Copy

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