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Agenda Points for NCJCM and Standing Committee Meetings

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Agenda Points for NCJCM and Standing Committee Meetingsncjcm


October 16, 2019

All the Staff Side Members
of the National Council (JCM)

Subject : Agenda Points for National Council (JCM) and Standing Committee Meetings.

Dear Friends,

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You are aware that the last Standing Committee Meeting of the National Council (JCM) was held on 07.03.2019 and the 47th Meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) was held on 13.04.2019. The Minutes of both the meetings were already circulated. It is now requested that you may kindly forward Agenda Points with brief / details along with copies of documents referred in the brief to this office by end of this month so that all the Agenda Points can be consolidated and forwarded to the Government for holding the meeting.

Apart from the above please refer to the Minutes of the 47th meeting of the National Council (JCM) Pam 6.4.7 Item No. 14/19/NC-47 on the subject of “Increase in Residency Period for future Promotion”. After discussion the Staff Side agreed to bring specific instances if any to the notice of the Official Side. However this Office has not received any communication from the Staff Side in this regard. Therefore, all Staff Side Members are requested to forward the details justifying our demand so as to enable this Office to take up with the DOP&T / Department of Expenditure.

Thanking you,

Yours fraternally,

Shiva Gopal Mishra

Source : Confederation

Standing Committee Meetings

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  1. Kindly refer to minutes of meeting the anomaly committee dated 31/10/2019 held with Secy Dept of Expenditure and others. During the meeting, it was pointed out by staff side that a senior officer is drawing less pension than a junior and mentioned that it is a clear case of anomaly. For this point , Jt Secy ( personnel ) mentioned that the 7th CPC must not have visualised this point and informed that they will look into the matter. Being affected i represented to O/F the CGDA, Dept of Pension and Pension Welfare, Shri Juglal, Dy Secty and lastly Secy , Dept of Expenditure .But nothing happened and simply forwarded my case


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