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PRAN – Permanent Retirement Account Number

The Central Government has introduced the New Pension System (NPS) with effect from January 1, 2004. The new pension system covers, at present, new entrants to Central Government services (excluding Defence Forces) and is expected in due course to be available to all other citizens of India. Under the new pension system, CRA will be required to maintain subscriber accounts and issue a unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) to each subscriber. In this system, deductions towards NPS will be made from subscriber’s salary on monthly basis and equal amount of contribution will be made by the Government. The accumulated amount will be reflected in his/her Permanent Retirement Account while he/she is working and shall use the accumulations at retirement to procure a pension for the rest of his/her life. Subscribers in this system shall enjoy certain facilities and rights including portability across jobs and locations, choices of selection of Pension Funds and investment schemes, freedom to switch between service providers and nationwide access.

NSDL has built necessary infrastructure for providing CRA services to various stakeholders. CRA has gone operational from June, 2008. CRA would manage NPS Contribution Accounting Network (NPSCAN) related data until it is separated from the CRA applications. The NPS is expected to evolve over a period of time to include unorganized sector, self employed persons and any other citizen of India on a voluntary basis. The record keeping function of unorganized sector shall be decided by PFRDA / GoI independently in due course.

Role of CRA in NPS system

a)The recordkeeping, administration and customer service functions for all subscribers of the New Pension System will be centralised and performed by the CRA.

b)The CRA will issue unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) to each subscriber, maintain database of all PRANs and record the transactions related to each subscriber’s PRAN

c)The CRA shall be responsible for receiving funds and instructions from subscribers through the nodal offices, transmitting such instructions and funds to the appointed Pension Fund Managers, trustee Bank, Annuity Service Provider effecting switching instructions received from subscribers

d)The CRA will provide periodic consolidated Statement Of Transaction (SOT) to each subscriber and discharge such other duties and functions as may be determined by the guidelines, directions and regulations issued by the PFRDA from time to time

e)The CRA will be responsible to maintain absolute confidentially of all records, data and information. CRA shall produce all this information as and when called for by PFRDA

f)The CRA will be responsible for timely transfer of subscriber contributions information, timely allocation of these funds by PFs, and accurately crediting and reporting allocation of units into each PRAN.


Main Features and Architecture of the New Pension System

The new pension system would be based on defined contributions. It will use the existing network of bank branches and post offices etc. to collect contributions. There will be seamless transfer of accumlations in case of change of employment and/or location. It will also offer a basket of investment choices and Fund managers. The new pension system will be voluntary.

The system would, however, be mandatory for new recruits to the Central Government service (except the armed forces). The monthly contribution would be 10 percent of the salary and DA to be paid by the employee and matched by the Central Government. However, there will be no contribution from the Government in respect of individuals who are not Government employees. The contributions and returns thereon would be deposited in a non-withdrawable pension account. The existing provisions of defined benefit pension and GPF would not be available to the new recruits in the central Government service.

In addition to the above pension account, each individual can have a voluntary tier-II withdrawable account at his option. Government will make no contribution into this account. These assets would be managed in the same manner as the pension. The accumlations in this account can be withdrawn anytime without assigning any reason.

Individuals can normally exit at or after age 60 years from the pension system. At exit, the individual would be required to invest at least 40 percent of pension wealth to purchase an annuity. In case of Government employees, the annuity should provide for pension for the lifetime of the employee and his dependent parents and his spouse at the time of retirement. The individual would receive a lump-sum of the remaining pension wealth, which she would be free to utilize in any manner. Individuals would have the flexibility to leave the pension system prior to age 60. However, in this case, the mandatory annuitisation would be 80% of the pension wealth.

There will be one or more central record keeping agency (CRA), several pension fund managers (PFMs) to choose from which will offer different categories of schemes.

The participating entities (PFMs, CRA etc.) would give out easily understood information about past performance & regular NAVs, so that the individual would able to make informed choices about which scheme to choose.



1.Application for Allotment of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) (Annexure S1)

2.Request for Activation of Tier-II account under New Pension System (NPS) (Annexure UOS-S10 )

3.Withdrawal form for Tier II account under NPS (AnnexureUOS-S12)

4.Covering Letter with Subscriber Registration Application Form – PAO (Annexure S6)

5.Covering letter for Subscriber Registration Application Form -DDO (Annexure S5)

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  • vishwanath arora

    sir i had sumitted my pran form before three month but i have not got any information

  • subair

    any blank cheque is required for pran application? my officcer asked a blank cheque is need for kindly give areply

  • karampreet singh

    respected sir how can I apply for my own pran no I am from jalandhar, punjab.I have all the neccecry documents also covering letter. Actualy I want to know that where have I am apply for pran no. Is it any oficial branch or any private agency near the jalandhar.

  • adarsh shrivastava

    my posting is dewas dist. can I sumitte my pran no form Bhopal office.i want to know full address Bhopal and indore office.

  • swapnil natthu eratkar

    sir i am from aurangabad would you have your office in aurangabd what is process to get pran card pls give me proper information

  • How should I proceed to pool my central govt. service (previous service) financial benefits to my present service in State Govt.

  • pramodsingh

    dear sir
    i am from akola would you have your frechizee office in my city what is process to get prancard pls give me proper information
    call 8956070006

  • S ARUN

    i have received a sms from CRA that my PRAN NUMBER IS 110043170776. HOW CAN I KNOW MY BALANCE OR ANY DETAILS FROM MY PRAN NUMBER.


    hi sir, this is very good oportunity for everybudy. so ple to inform to get this PRAN Card. thanx Regards Harsh Sharma.

  • Tamal

    I started paying my NPS subscription for last 18 months. But my PRAN has not been created. Now I have resigned from my job… how I shall get the refund of my subscriptions paid?

  • Rajkumar

    I, Rajkumar working in Transport Department, Delhi govt. please issue my PRAN card of CPF A/c. My resident address is A-54/55 Rana Ji Enclave Opp. Nangli Dairy, Najafgarh, Mobile No. is 8130088565

  • my pension accoun–t is 111002966042 has,n generated on 9-3-2013 but i had not recived my pran kit please tell me when i recived my pran kit
    sanjay kumar shukla

  • rajshekar rao aneti

    respected sir, i am working at kgp division my service is completed 5 years but i did not got pran card plz help me and how can i get the pran card sir

  • Manoj kumar Madhuker

    I have joined Northern Railway in 2006.I have temporary allotted three employee no. in which PF was deposited but after allotting PRAN,statement show the deposit money from september 2008 only.The money which was deposited from 2007 to 2008 is not reflected. what we should to do?


    Dear sir…

    My posting is balrampur district in chhattisgarh. Can I submitte my pran no. Form in raipur chhattishgarh office? I want to know full address raipur.
    What I get my pran no. In raipur??
    Plz send me useful answer..
    Thank u sir!!!

  • shivendra singh

    sir i had sumitted my pran form before three month but i have not got any information.

  • shivendra singh

    respected sir, i am working at police department but i did not got pran card plz help me and how can i get the pran card.

  • binoy

    My mother in law is working as Branch Post Mistress ( ie ED employee ) in Thrissur Dist, Kerala. She got PRAN number but she didn’t know how much amount recovered from her pay for New pension scheme per month or her contribution recovery started or not. Her PRAN No. is 500000169916 I am tried to logging in CRA site and failed she has been never got any paper or statement for this account. Please help me your replay is highly solicited.

    Thanking you

    yours faithfully

    ( Binoy )

  • arshid hussain bhat

    I have resigned from police & joined PHE can I Transfer my balance to new Pran Number

  • sanjay kumar

    can a person open new pran if he appointed in other state or government.

  • upendra singh

    how i can get my investment detail with pran account ?

  • Nirmal Kumar Yadav

    I m nirmal yadav from Jaipur . I have not complete my 2yrs probeson period .can I submit my PRAN form . it take a long time to get PRAN number. I don’t want to face a problem after 2 yrs.

  • amit kumar

    Sir I have been alloted pran no 110040523938 five year ago but until not received pran card. what should be done?

  • Birjeshkumar

    Sir,I had lost my PRAN card. How to aply and to whom have to aply for new PRAN card?

  • Dr.Kailash Chandra

    Sir I had submitted my Pran form five months before but I have not got any information

  • Rajneesh dubey

    sir I am RAJNEESH DUBEY assistent grade-3 i had sumitted my pran form before 15 day”s but i have not got any information.



  • bharath reddy

    after retirement pension is applicable or not

  • tilok chand

    I am tilok chand i registred for pran on five months ago but i dont reciept pran card please give me my pran no
    on my mobile -917837738951 thans

  • simon subba

    i have submitted the PRAN application form in march 2013 to the Pension office, Govt. of Sikkim but have not received any information till date.

  • dinesh tumram

    i have recived a sms from nsdlpn that my parn no.110032665087 has been generated on 15/10/2012 but i know my balance or any details i had not recived my parn kit from my parn no.sir please tell me my mob.n.8251882184

  • umesh

    sir, iam a employee of police dept, i got a job in railways.. how can i cancel my pran account… im going to resign my police job..

  • brijesh kumar kori

    I submitted pran form before three month.but pran was not issued.please give information on my or email
    Name-brajesh kumar kori
    Varisth adhyapak
    Uniqe id bq2999
    Add. Govt.madhav h.s.s sehrai
    ddo-BEO mungaoli(4722003011)
    Dist ashok nagar mp

  • brijesh kumar kori

    I had submitted pran form but not issued.
    My uniqe id bq2999 &ddo code is 4722003011

  • Anuranjan kumar

    Sir I had submitted my Pran form five years before but I have not got my pran card pls.send me

  • Sir I has submitted pran from 22 mar 13 but I have not got my pran card pls send me My office address Himanshu Sekhar Behera, Pa to Commanding Officer, INS Dega, NAD Post, Visakhapatnam-09

  • anand ram verma

    respected sir
    how can I apply for my own pran no I am from ranchi ,Jharkhand,i have all the neccecry documents also covering letter. Actualy I want to know that where have I am apply for pran no. Is it any oficial branch or any private agency near the .Ranchi.

  • sir am civil assist surgeon of 9 yrs service i AP director of Health previously i got CPS NUMBER FROM ACCOUNT GENERAL OF AP now i want to have PRAN number to submit tresury . what form i have to fill and where to be submited , kindly guide

  • Md Nahid Alam

    Dear sir i am BC of bank of India and open no frill account and also deposit and withdraw, can i open PRAN for my customer. please guide me and how ? if possible give me concern office in Muzaffarpur Bihar.

  • chalaith

    how can register the pran no. in online

  • respeceted sir i am workiing at dr
    inking water sanitation department in jharkhand state but i did not gat parn card
    plz help me and how can i get paen card..

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